Karin van de Wiel works as a photographer & journalist. The work revolves around people in relation to place. In the absence of bodies, the implied human presence questions the notion of otherness and belonging.

“I have a fascination for areas or places that are not living up to their expectations. No longer a marker of wealth or succes, this ‘failure’ is open for queer signification. 

Queer can be understood as anything that disrupts normative powers. Race, class, and gender play a defining role the relations people have to dominant structures. I consider queer a construct inclusive of all those who stand on the outside of the norms of dominant society.

I feel it is important to think about and making images with ideas of queerness. Queer photography offers a method for imagining existing alternatives to hegemonic systems. How can we create space in opposition to dominant and normalizing powers?”

Amsterdam Nieuw-West
I live and work mostly in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Since 2017 I have been working in Nieuw-West on this ongoing project where I record the presence of humans in the absence of the body. I look closely at the identity of this part of town and observe what changes. Soon I'll publish an update in relation to this project. 
Education - Publication - Expo

Fotofilmic scholarship; Summer 2021 
Paul D'Amato: Stranger Meditations 
- Virtual Workshop FotoFilmic, Vancouver / Bowen Island (CA). 2021
The Intimate Portrait by Jess T. Dugan; Fine Arts Work Center - Virtual Workshop, Provincetown (USA). 2021
Residency the little house. Creative Retreat in Groningen (NL). July 2021.
Queer Photography by Ace Lehner; International Centre Photography (ICP) - Virtual Course, New York (USA). 2021
'Zine Therapy' by Zoopark & The Poohs. Project: Impact Assessment: Dams. Publication date: 2021
'United'  by WorkShowGrow. Project: Impact Assessment: Dams. Publication date: 2021
Work Show Grow. Online School; UK +  worldwide community. 2020 - 2021
GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2019
New Photography 2019. Publication date: 2019
Location & Landscape Photography by Jaap Bijsterbosch; Fotoacademie Amsterdam (NL). 2019
Documentary Photography by Herman Wouters; Fotoacademie Amsterdam (NL). 2019
Short List Fotogram amsterdam Price. Project: Neighbour Tom is not coming home anymore. 2017
Fotoacademy Amsterdam (NLD). 2016 - 2019 
Naarden Foto Festival (NLD)​​​​​​​. Project: 'Brussels Bombings'. 2016 
First prize Fotogram Price Amsterdam Project: 'Brussels Bombings'. 2016
Architecture + Photography by Jade Doskow; School of Visual Arts, New York (USA). 2014.
Location & Event Photography by Joe Sinnott; School of Visual Arts, New York (USA). 2014.
Modern Ruins by Jade Doskow; School of Visual Arts, New York (USA). 2014.
Photography II; Fotogram, Amsterdam (NLD). 2008
Photography I; Fotogram, Amsterdam (NLD). 2008
Post grad Journalism; Erasmus University Rotterdam (NLD). 2004
MA, Theatre, film & scenography; University of Kent, Canterbury (UK). 1999-2000
MA, Theatre, film and television studies; University of Utrecht (NLD). 1997-2002
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